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Barrett Foster


Play as Inspector Barrett Foster in this exciting and immersive puzzle game that mixes mystery and suspense at the same time. The expression "The devil is in the details" takes on its full meaning in this game that will make you think and certainly more...

Discover the prologue for free


It all starts with a late call 

Emma, a close friend of the inspector, tries to call him in the middle of the night in vain: "Why the hell don't you answer? We're in danger here .. we have to flee now before it's too late. I have left a note on Billiards, I'm sorry Barrett but... #*#?§~!&"... But what's going on?

Inspector Barrett on alert

Inspector Barrett, in the middle of an investigation in the slums of his hometown, learns of the voice message sent by Emma... The pressure mounts: "But what's going on?".

After several recall attempts, without hesitation, he decides to go to Emma's home...


Head to Emma's home

Barrett Foster enters this sumptuous architect's residence with the idea in mind of recovering the note left on the billiard table... But this is where it all begins: "Where is Emma? .. I hear noises under the floor? .. This story worries me"

What will he discover?

Every detail counts, it's about putting yourself in the shoes of a real investigator to solve multiple puzzles that will lead you to the conclusion...

Would you be meticulous enough to complete this prologue? 

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